Privacy Policy

Future Bazaar maintains its loyalty towards its customers by protecting their personal information. As a service provider, customer service and their satisfaction in every possible way is the priority of the website. Here, we have this policy to furnish you with a crystal clear idea of what information is required from the customers, how we use it and protect it from reaching the outside world. It is also to let you know that you can access Future Bazaar from all around the world only to recharge your Indian mobile number, and make payment from an Indian bank account via internet banking or by your Visa Card. By enjoying our service you agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy of the company.

Personal Information collected by us: Future Bazaar just collect the required data which is needed to satisfy you with our smooth service.

At the time of registration the information gathered and stored are your name, mobile number and e-mail address, as provided by you. The payment details of the customers, like card number, cvv number, UPI ID, internet banking username and password will not be saved by the Future Bazaar. The Payment Gateway is a third- party website on which Future Bazaar or its wing, Webon Technology has no command on. This company does not take any responsibility for the misuse of the payment information provided by the customer to the Payment Gateway website. Other than that, Future Bazaar will not share your data with any outsider or third-party company or website.

Information Used by us:
• Name: This information is gathered to identify you as a person and address you with dignity.
• E-mail Address: Your E-mail address is a unique identifier or login ID that will help us to fetch your details for processing any information which is related to your account. It will also be used to contact you to inform any newly launched offer.
• Password: The use of password or security code with your Login ID is primarily for safekeeping of your personal account. To keep your account safe and confidential, keep changing your password at regular interval. It is entirely your responsibility to keep your password undisclosed to any third-party individual or website.
• Contact number: This shall be used only to send you OTPs and update you with your ranking position of retailer from single star to double star and ultimately to triple star. Of course, you’ll use it to get into your registered account.
• Payment Details: This isn’t stored by Future Bazaar as it is exclusively needed during any payment. The payment process is done by the payment gateway. During payment, you are redirected to the payment gateway where you are required to provide your card details. We don’t have any control on that third-party website therefore, if the third-party misused your private information, it is not our liability.

Update in Privacy Policy: Future Bazaar reserves the right to upgrade the privacy policy according to the requirement of the situation for the betterment of the services.

Legal Issue: In the case of law and regulation of the country, we are bound to co-operate with the legal system. If needed, we have to disclose the confidential information we gathered to the authorized law agencies. We will disclose the data which are necessary to bring a legal action against any individual who has committed any offence, as per the law and regulation of the concerned territory.